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      Eneka PRO is a Diode Laser device that allows quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatments. Results are guaranteed on all skin types and phototypes due to the high power, large spot size and multiple wavelengths. Eneka PRO technology incorporates a cooling system that maintains the handpiece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin.



      Versatile & Effective

      The versatility of the 808nm laser diode handpiece adapts perfectly to suit all skin phototypes, regardless of the colour or thickness of hair. The high power of up to 5000 watts, the two functioning modes (DHR and FDHR) and the new spot sizes, boost the results considerably, offering a personalised solution that adapts to suit the needs of each area to be treated.

      The 755nm wavelength is the most absorbed by melanin, therefore is especially effective on light skin. (phototypes I to III). The 755nm handpiece eliminates thinner and less pigmented hair permanently. Equally effective with residual hair in multiple sessions.



      High Power for Maximum Results

      With the highest power of any professional Diode Laser Hair Removal machine, with up to 5000 optical watts power, while allowing the use of 808nm and 755nm wavelengths in the same device, Eneka PRO can guarantee the best results even on fine, residual hair.

      Multiple Spot Sizes

      The Large Spot Size (10 x 9mm) XL (20 x 9mm) and 2XL (34 x 14mm) enables you to treat large areas much more quickly, meaning you can treat more patients. The repetition frequency (up to 4Hz DHR) makes Eneka PRO one of the quickest devices on the market.




      Treatment Video



      Before & After


      Phototype III / Handpiece 808


      Photoype II / Handpiece 755

      *Results may vary from patient to patient



      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does Eneka PRO work?

      Following the principle of the selective photothermolysis, it transforms the light emitted into heat, to selectively destroy the germinative cells of the pilous follicle. The melanin, the substance that gives the hair its colour, absorbs the laser light emitted and transforms it into heat, causing the denaturing of the pilous bulb without damaging the surrounding tissue.

      What are the benefits of the laser hair removal with Eneka PRO?

      The Eneka PRO innovative technology allows the best results from the first session, maximising the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Eneka PRO improves the skin quality, helping eliminate the encrusted hair and improving problems such as folliculitis.

      Is it safe?

      Yes, provided it is applied by properly qualified and trained personnel. The All Types technology developed by TermoSalud generates energy and controlled in a localised way.

      The Eneka PRO Diode Laser Machine is effective on all skin tones, whatever the hair type and density, and all year round. Its innovative software prevents accidental errors.

      How many sessions are necessary?

      The number of sessions depends on the body area to be treated, colour and thickness of the hair, skin type and the specific features of each patient. The treatment requires several sessions, since you must always treat the hair in the anagen or growth phase, and this is longer or shorter depending on the body areas.

      The treatment with Eneka PRO Laser device is ultra fast, because it allows to treat a larger area in the same session and significantly reduces the treatment time.

      Is laser hair removal permanent?

      The device includes an innovative technology that achieves excellent results in permanent reduction of hair and adapts to the conditions and needs of each person. Laser hair removal with Eneka PRO eliminates permanently the active follicles in a course sessions.

      Is the treatment painful?

      The advanced cooling system keeps the handpiece tip cold, and therefore the treatment zone, rendering unnecessary the use of anaesthetics. Eneka PRO Laser technology minimises the pain and protects the skin so the treatment is more comfortable and easily tolerated by the patient.

      How long does each session last?

      It depends on the FDHR or DHR working mode, and the surface of the zone to be treated. It can vary from 5 minutes for the upper lip to 15 minutes on the armpit or 40-50 minutes on the whole legs.

      What recommendations must be followed before and after the treatment?

      The days before the treatment, the patient should avoid the exposition to the sun, self-tanning and hair bleaching products. It is recommended to use total sun screening on the treated zone the days after the treatment and to not use other hair removal systems that eliminate the hair from the root.

      What are the side effects?

      The treatment with Eneka PRO machine minimises the risks, that are reversible in a short period of time: skin reddening, residual or perifollicular erythema, that disappear in 24/72 hours after the treatment, if the instructions of the operator are followed.


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